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I need a website, but I don’t know what is involved, can you help?

Absolutely, I pride myself on building long lasting relationships with my clients and I think that's because I see my role as not just building websites, but guiding clients through the many options and possibilities in front of them. I'm aware for a lot of people reaching out to a web designer can be an intimidating thing, and that in a lot of cases clients aren't entirely sure of what they need. So if you just have questions or want to pick my brain without even being sure you're ready to go ahead, just get in touch.

I have an old busted website that needs refreshing, can you help?

I'm happy to take a look. In my experience it almost always more cost and time efficient to start over with a clean slate rather than try to untangle something that is long over due a make over. Feel free to get in touch and we can discuss whatever options are best.

Can you make online shops?

Yes I can!

How long does it take to build a website?

It's a tricky question to answer without knowing the specifics of the project. But smaller sites tend to take at least around 2 months to complete, more complicated projects can go beyond that.

I'm not in Berlin, can we still work together?

Yes, I have clients all over the world, from the UK, to Israel, to the USA, and I've never found distance to impede my work.

Do you always work alone or are you open to collaborating, or joining our team?

I've collaborated as part of several different teams in the past in various different capacities. If you think your team might need my services let's talk.

Once you've built my site, do I need to pay you to make changes or can I update it myself?

I build all sites that require it with a customised wordpress framework. This means you have access to a secure dashboard where you can edit texts, make posts, and upload images safely and easily.

Are there any hidden costs with building a website I need to know about?

When we agree to work together I can either offer a set price for the project, which will not change as long as the scope of the project is not altered during production. Otherwise if you prefer I can work by an hourly rate. The other common costs associated with creating a website are hosting and domain registration, find out more about that below.

Can you make German or Multilingual sites?

I can, although shamefuly my German isn't fantastic, I've never had any problems working with clients to produce multilingual and German focused sites. For other projects, such as those in Japan and China, I've enlisted support from professional translators.

I need a new website, but also photographs to go with it, can you do that?

If you're based in Berlin I have a professional photographer I work with for all kinds of projects.

Graphic Design

Do you do logo design?

I do, great logo design is such a challenge and it's a real passion for me. Check out my design portfolio to see some examples. Send me an email and we can discuss your options.

I already have a developer for my project but we need someone to help with the visual design, can you help?

I can, i've collaborated as a designer with plenty of other developers over the years, it can be fun and I love learning from other people in the industry.

Do you do Print Design?

I do, I've produced all kinds of physical media for my clients, from original artworks for record sleeves, to magazine layout, to poster & business card design.

We need a UX person for our team, would you be open to joining a project on a part or full time basis?

Potentially, it depends on the project, I love the independence that running my own business provides me, but I'm always open to offers. Send me an email if you want to talk further.

Hosting & Email

What is hosting and why do I need it?

In order for people to reach your website, it needs to be stored somewhere permanently connected to the internet. Think of it like renting a space for a traditional business, you want to pick somewhere safe, affordable and with good amenities. Good quality hosting, means your website is secure, and dependably fast to load for everyone the world over.

Where and how do I host my site?

I offer a hosting service for a lot of my clients for an annual fee, included in the price are automatic backups, regular security updates and patches, and you have the peace of mind of just shooting me and email if you have any questions rather than dealing with a normal host's technical support.

I'd rather stay totally independent, and host my site elsewhere.

No problem, I can recommend various different companies and help you get setup.

Domain names??

Domain names are the address that allows people to reach your site. All domain names cost an annual fee, typically around €10, but prices can go up from there depending on how exclusive the address is. If you already have a domain reserved somewhere, great, if not I can help you purchase one.


Why the name Boyintree?

Good question. In addition to making websites, i'm also a painter. A long time ago the painting I felt that was the first to really define my style I called 'Boy in tree'. Since then it's become a name that has stuck with me, when it came to naming my design business it felt like the obvious answer.

Did you really make a miniature treehouse for this website?!

I did, it's sitting on my desk right next to me now. It was lots of fun, but took really long to get right. I'm hoping to make more little scenes and settings for this site in the future whenever I find the time.

I'm in Berlin and I'd like to meet to chat about a project, can we meet for a coffee?

Sure, hit me up.

What else do you do?

I paint! I bake, I run, I make pasta and travel a bunch with my family.

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